New Snowflake Release

No I am not here to announce the arrival of another snow storm, but rather the release of another of my special series…The Snowflake.

This is a most interesting expression. The whiskey almost sneaks on to your tongue and then builds into a huge, powerful burst of flavor, much like an orchestral crescendo, or a kiss growing into a lover’s embrace. When nosing the undiluted sample, the bouquet gives up pear, apple, vanilla and graham cracker. Upon tasting, the palate delivers the pear’s sweetness, giving way to creamy milk and honey. Buttered wheat toast and sea salt make an appearance…and here it comes, a huge overripe plum flavor that is big and rich. The ruddy fruit really shows up and lingers in the back of your palate with an amazingly large flavor given its humble entrance.

After adding a few drops of spring water, the pear in the nose explodes, bright and clear, now more identifiable as Bartlett pear accompanied with hints of green apple and gingerbread. The scent of rain water and spices are subtle but present. As the whiskey blooms, the tongue finds faint cocoa and sea salt. Banana makes a brief appearance and then BOOM! Big sweet and complex, the overripe flavors in the full strength sample give way to a more tempered ripe plum swirling with complexity. The whiskey leaves your palate ringing with thoughts of cinnamon, cardamom and the faint heat of chilies.

As sometimes it happens in life, someone sneaks in when you are not looking, hardly of notice at first, and they are pleasant to have around but nothing special. Over time their presence quietly grows and before you realize it they occupy your thoughts and your heart is soon ringing with hunger. This is the best way to describe the flavor of this whiskey, subtle at first but soon growing to inhabit your entire palate, your mind consumed with beauty and complexity.

Let’s call it Desire.

The Desire Snowflake will go on sale Saturday 2/5/11 at 11:00am.  This extremely limited release is available only in our tasting room at the distillery for $90.  There are only 200 bottles made, so we are limiting each person to 2 bottles.  First come first served, I am afraid we do not accept reservations or phone sales.  You have to get out of your warm bed, fight the elements and actually show up in person to purchase this special release, and I promise The Desire Snowflake will be gone long before the snow outside.

Listening to: Conway Twitty- I’d Love To Lay You Down

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